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Devil‘s Eyes

Time:2018-10-10 Views:68
Image under low light level night vision
The so-called infrared night vision device is a military night vision device that utilizes photoelectric conversion technology. It is divided into active and passive: the active type uses infrared searchlight to illuminate the target, and receives the reflected infrared radiation to form an image. To put it plainly, it is to take a light to the target, but this light is an infrared light, and the emitted infrared light cannot be seen by the naked eye. To.
Infrared cameras are generally active infrared. The basic principle is that ordinary COMS cameras can be used to sense the spectral characteristics of infrared light (0.8um~1.05um near-infrared) (ie, can sense visible light or infrared light), and use infrared light as the "illumination source". "To night vision imaging.
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