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  ShenZhen SSL Electronical Technology Co.,Ltd. Headquarter located in Shenzhen China. SSL CAM  is currently recognized as a leading manufacturer in Hunting Trail camera, Fishing camera ,Hat brim camera and other consumer electronic products.A high-tech enterprise specializing in high-definition video product R & D, production and sales. Our products are mainly divided into two series: one is the license plate recognition camera in the intelligent parking lot, the other is the infrared night vision monitor camera (such as hunting camera, bird watching camera, fishing camera, etc.) The company covers an area of more than 6000 square meters, the total number of 200 people about. Among them, R & D personnel account for 10, doctor 2, master 3, the rest are bachelor‘s degree or above. The company introduces the industry‘s top talent, for product innovation, quality stability and technical support escort. The company has automatic tin paste machine 3, high-speed automatic paste machine production line 8 (Yamaha, Global, Samsung, Siemens and other high-speed mounting machine brands) has 12 welding assembly line, packaging line 2. Independent design of professional aging frame, high temperature aging room, focusing machine, millions of dustless focusing closed room, constant temperature and humidity box PCBA automatic testing instrument, high precision microscope and other professional instruments.All products have passed CE, ROHS, FCC and WEEE certification, and have won favorable comments from foreign customers.

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